Dry Service
Specialists in the manufacture of batteries
Founded in 1990 at Scarperia, north east of Florence, Dry Service manufactures finned-pack batteries, finned-tube batteries and tube bundles.
A company with a long experience behind it, the business was initially set up in 1973, formerly known as Deli, from which Dry Service derives.

Having gained experience and knowledge over the years, the company has continued to expand and diversify its production, in pace with the industry′s changing needs whilst maintaining the importance placed on teamwork - the basis of the company′s success.
Heat exchangers for industrial and non-industrial use
Dry Service produces finned pack, finned pipe, and shell-and-tube thermal exchange bundles as well as other minor products including electric batteries, coil batteries and droplet separators.
The products are used in both industrial and non-industrial fields for heating or cooling environments, or for the treatment of process air and are, therefore, aimed at companies that deal with the construction and maintenance of air handling units (AHUs), and those that design and build heating, cooling or refrigeration systems. Other customers include companies that design, create and install industrial process plants or machinery for laundries and hospitals, for companies involved in industrial painting, textiles, and leather tanning, for those in the nautical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food sectors, as well as for those involved in the drying of various materials such as wood, plastics, textiles, food, paper and pharmaceutical products.
Furthermore, Dry Service is also aimed directly at companies that use batteries as a component of their production process plants, with the possibility of creating batteries starting directly from an existing sample.
Competent and dedicated professionals
Our team at Dry Service have decades of experience behind them, allowing us to meet our customers′ needs with confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm. After receiving a customer request, we consider several options based on the different available modular types, materials and production processes to help the customer to make the best choice.
Teamwork is a fundamental aspect of the business model, based on good relationships with customers, and together with our expertise and knowledge, we can offer high-quality products fast.
As a company, our greatest strength and pride lies in the trust and mutual respect with all our customers, some of whom have been loyal for decades.
Finned pack coils are batteries that have a radiant mass made up of a series of continuous fins equidistant from the collars, (lengths can be custom-made) inside which smooth tubes are inserted for the actual battery operation itself.
In the construction of finned pack coils, different modules and materials are used to meet specific needs, creating a customised product. Fins can be made of aluminium or copper while the tubes can be made of copper, iron or the 304/316 grades of stainless steel. The external structure, i.e. the coil frame, can be in galvanized sheet metal, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminium or brass.
Finned pack coils are used across all sectors for various applications. In their design and construction, the type of system in which they are used is always taken into consideration, evaluating the substances the battery is designed to work with to avoid unnecessary wear or damage to the system.
Dry Service produces coils suitable for hot/cold water, pressurized water, salt water, glycol water, superheated water, steam, fumes, various gases and diathermic oil.
Direct-expansion finned coils are used in air handling units and on machines that contain a specific heat exchanger for a particular process. In the production of finned pack coils, one can start either from a technical design or from an existing coil, and then the materials to be used to produce it are discussed with the customer.
Finned-tube batteries have a radiant mass made up of tubes, covered by a spiral fin which rotates around the tube itself at a constant distance.
To meet a variety of needs, different materials can be used both for the pipes, such as copper, hardened copper for steam, iron and both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, whereas copper, iron and stainless steel can be used for the fins together with different arrangements of the tubes in the actual battery.
The company manufactures tube bundles composed of an external cover called a shell and an internal exchanger formed by a flange in which the hairpins are anchored, a series of diaphragms to support the hairpins themselves and U-shaped hairpins of variable lengths, as required.
Pipes of different diameters and materials (copper, iron, stainless steel and cupronickel) can be made to meet the customer′s specific needs.
Fully-welded electric batteries are used for heating air and are suitable for an infinite number of applications.
They consist of an external frame in various materials (galvanized sheet metal, iron or stainless steel) on which electrical resistances are placed (calculated and developed according to the customer′s requests) together with two thermometers, one for the operation and the other as a control.
Smooth tube coils are specific batteries suitable for both air or smoke.
They are made up of a series of smooth pipes in copper, iron and stainless steel, anchored to the external frame (in galvanized sheet metal, iron or stainless steel).
These coils are used for heating or cooling, and are made of different thicknesses and with different materials (copper, iron, stainless steel and cupronickel).
Both smooth tubes and finned tubes can be used and are made to measure according to the customer′s requirements.
Important experience is gained from the manufacturing processes, which are long and complex. Specific knowledge is required in the careful handling of each component as they are easily damaged, as well as the ability to work in a team in close contact with the customer, to better understand the customers’ precise requirements and deliver in an efficient and timely manner.
Another fundamental value to choosing Dry Service is the quality of the finished product, guaranteed by the use of selected raw materials with greater thicknesses compared to the market standard. This guarantees higher performance and durability of the batteries over time, avoiding problems of wear typical of the sector.
Dry Service promises to deliver fast. For the same product supplied by competitors, we can deliver the goods often weeks in advance, and in some cases, months. This is particularly important since the battery produced usually replaces another battery that is no longer usable; this causes companies to halt production, damage materials and delays in deliveries. In all these cases, it is essential to respond promptly to customer requests, to reduce downtime and avoid further disruption.
Dry Service places the utmost care and effort into creating an excellent product of lasting quality with prompt delivery thanks to the company′s know-how, teamwork and customer trust to best meet the expectations required.

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